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Founded in 1995 by Atilla Kocsis, Digital Phenom has seen a lot of changes on the World Wide Web. We began like most start-up companies, with one server and a few clients in a one-room office.

In 1996, Digital Phenom developed a revolutionary website for the college market and was awarded a number of different honors, not least of which was a place in PC Magazine’s Top 100 Web sites. Among the other recipients were the World Bank, Microsoft, and the White House.

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In 1995 few colleges were on the Internet, Digital Phenom’s first business was to provide web sites for colleges. This worked for a number of years but over time, colleges began to pull site development and hosting back in house so Digital Phenom's market started to shrink.

The next business Digital Phenom entered was the online sales market. Digital Phenom successfully signed up a few businesses to develop storefronts on the Internet but the major drawback at the time was credit card information could not be sent securely. Once again, Digital Phenom was forced to adapt to the changing marketplace.

The next thing

It was at this time that Digital Phenom moved into its current market sector - providing hosting, design and other complimentary services to associations, business and government.

Digital Phenom's success can only be attributed to its focus on the client and its talented staff. Digital Phenom now has multiple servers at the premier data centers in the world. We have serviced clients on five continents and countless time zones.

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Digital Phenom continues to develop custom solutions for its clients, and currently specializes in three different areas, Web Site Development, Web Application Development and Web Hosting. With too many sub-specialties to count, DP rarely comes across a project it cannot complete with style and functionality.


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Rebuilding Together DC and Alexandria

  • Rebuilding Together DC • Alexandria is an awardwinning, mission-driven organization that creates healthy neighborhoods for residents in Washington, DC and Alexandria, Virginia by: maintaining housing for low-income homeowners, providing critical home repairs that eliminate health and safety hazards, providing modifications and upgrades to schools, parks, and other common spaces in underserved neighborhoods, and creating homeownership opportunities.

Bogdan Capital

  • Bogdan Builders is an award winning real estate development firm founded in 1988. Since our inception, we have developed numerous residential condominiums, single family and mixed-use communities all across the Greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, totaling to over 1,000 residential units. Our mission is to enhance communities through the development of high-quality real estate by way of innovative architectural designs and with meticulous attention to detail.

Forum Resources Network

  • Forum Resources Network Forum Resources Network (FRN) is a world-wide outsource provider of CEO-to-CEO learning forums. Our network of professional, accredited facilitators provides customized retreat planning and meeting facilitation for forums, management teams and peer exchange groups.


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Digital Phenom has been building web sites since the Internet was text based

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Clients include: American Airlines, American Chemistry Council, Disney, Elle Magazine, and Saab "

50 + Industries

Digital Phenom has serviced clients like Banks, Airlines, Manufacturers, Consultants and Non-profits


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