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Northern Chapter of the Virginia Society of CPA's 

NCVSCPA needed to upgrade their web site.  They had an active membership and held events every month.  They also needed to do annual dues.  Digital Phenom helped them provide event management and an easy to use, fully automated membership system.  Contact us for the full Case Study.

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Johns Hopkins University Graduate School 

JHU DC Graduate school needed a way to connect their current students to their alumni.  Working with Digital Phenom staff JHU created a custom application that connected students and and alumni using innovative profile fields while also maintaining anonymity for those preferring to not reveal their identity. 

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Office of Community Services - ICFI and HUD

Digital Phenom worked with ICFI and HUD to create a web site that provide HUD Grantees information about their grants along with information on how to report to HUD about their progress.  

Contact us for the full case study.

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Reviving and old computer

Do you have an old laptop you cant part with, but its to slow to do anything.   Now you can give it a new lease on life.  Turn it into a web-centric, chrome OS type machine.  You can now resurrect old laptops with Neverware.  This New York-based startup began working with K-12 schools to revive their otherwise landfill-bound Mac and Windows PCs. Neverware charges schools a fee for its CloudReady software, but also offers it at no charge to individual users.


A version released last month allows you to install CloudReady but also keep Windows, so you can choose which OS to boot up.

Here’s what the new laptop makers don’t want you to know: Many old laptops have the horsepower to accomplish most Web-based tasks. In fact, many of them have more raw power than $200 Chromebooks. They’ve just been bogged down by bloated operating systems. 

To find out more go to Neverware.  

Read more about reviving old computers at WSJ


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